The 5 Whys is a very common root-cause problem-solving tool. You can read a short article we have about it on our homepage or a longer one on Kanbanize - 5 Whys: The Ultimate Root Cause Analysis Tool

5 Whys Analysis - Discover the Root Cause of Problems - Evocon

<aside> ☝🏼 While you read this article, please keep in mind that only people who are marked as responsible can manage analysis within an improvement.


Start 5-Why analysis

  1. To start, click on the "+ 5 whys" button under the Analysis tab:

  2. Fill the fields in the opened modal:

  3. You can add questions and answers from the "+ why" button

  4. You can add solutions from the "+ solution" button

  5. Click "Save".

  6. If you want to add more analysis items, just click on the "+ 5 whys" button


Editing can be used to edit the questions and answers, to add more questions and answers and also to add solutions.

  1. Go to the "Analysis" tab

  2. Find the item you want to edit

  3. Choose the edit icon and click on it

  4. Make the changes and click "Save"