Improvements is a module for tracking and managing improvement activities in production. In other words, it allows you to define improvement activities for the problems that you have identified from your production process and then measure the effect of your efforts to improve on those problems in correlation with machine data.

<aside> šŸ’” With Improvements, our aim is to introduce the approach of continuously running experiments in the manufacturing industry by engaging users in the creation of a ā€œlearning productionā€.


Improvements overview

The main view of the module gives you an overview of all of the improvement initiatives your team has done.

What are the different elements in the overview table?

  1. You can view all projects as one list or navigate between mine, ongoing, finished and upcoming projects. By default the list of your own projects is displayed.
  2. To make finding a certain project easier, it is possible to search and filter the list. Please find more informationĀ here.
  3. The table lists improvement projects and marks ongoing projects that have resulted in a positive change as green and projects that have not as red.
  4. To create a new improvement project, simply start the process by clicking on the "New Improvement" button. Please find more information about creating an Improvement projectĀ **here**.

<aside> ā˜ To open any of the improvements, just click on it in the overview table. Want to know more? ClickĀ **here**.